Spotify Music Icons

An icon set for Spotify music mobile application

Project Overview

Project Type:         Individual
My Role:                Visual Designer
Project Duration:   1  Month
Platform:      Mobile Application
Tools:            Adobe Illustrator
Project for:   Information Design class


Icons are an important asset to Information design. They can put content, in a nutshell, draw attention, increase readability and the beauty of information presented. Creating top quality and effective icons requires going through an exhaustive design process. The goal of this project was to learn and experience this process. The final outcome was supposed to be a set of 8 icons for Spotify mobile application.

Topic Selection

I chose to design icons for Spotify mobile application, a  music, podcast, and video streaming service. Spotify is a freemium service; basic features are free with advertisements or limitations, while additional features, such as improved streaming quality and music downloads, are offered via paid subscriptions.


  • Firstly, I listed down the topic names I wanted to cover in the mobile application and wanted to design icons for.

  • I imagined what I see visually when I first think of those words and described it in a sentence.

  • The ideas imagined were Metaphors of actual word meanings.

  • I asked some of my friends to imagine these metaphors and made sure that the representation of every icon I thought of was intuitive.


Icon Grid

Final Icon Design

Mood Icon

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