RIT Reporter mobile app

New mobile application for reporter website to make it responsive

Project Overview

Project Type:          Individual
My Role:                  Visual Designer
Project Duration:    2 weeks
Platform:      Mobile Application
Project for:   Course- Information Design
Tools:            Illustrator, Sketch, Invision


Reporter Magazine (Reporter) is a completely student-run organization through Rochester Institute of Technology. Students can access it online by URL "www.reporter.rit.edu". But this website is not responsive and there is no separate mobile application for Reporter. Also, The first impression of the website gives a look that it is an article website with some random articles showing on a carousel. It is nowhere mentioned on the website that it is the a RIT magazine website. It does not go with the RIT theme and style. And there are various other UX issues on the website.

Target Audience

  • Age : 18+

  • RIT community includes students, faculty, and alumni.

  • Local students who are from Rochester area

  • Users who are interested in news, sports, technology, and entertainment.

  • Technical knowledge: Usage of Computer




Final Visual Screens

1) Splash Screen
2) Homepage
3) Article Page
4) Category Page
5) Selected Category
6) Search Results
7) Saved Bookmarks

Play with Prototype

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