RIT eServices

Evaluated the experience design of electronic service of RIT based on the principles of HCI 

Project Overview

Project Type:         Individual
Project Duration:  4 Months
My Role:
Field Observation, Interview, Personas, Scenarios, Story-boarding
Platform:      Desktop and Mobile
Tools:            Sketch, Photoshop
Project for:   Foundation of HCI

E-services i.e. electronic service of RIT (Rochester Institute of technology) is widely used in the college for  many purposes but mainly deals with the student’s finances. Initially, I had a very bad experience while using the e-services of RIT. I had attended the student orientation program in August 2015 and therefore  got to know about the e-services of RIT. As a student, it is very important to pay the tuition fees on time. So, that was the first time I used e-services to check the total tuition fee that I had to pay. But my experience was not good. As mentioned, I was new to the college and it was very difficult for me to understand the terminologies that were displayed on the website. Moreover, it was a tender task for me to find out the breakdown of the tuition fee. As a result, I always ended up going to the financial services department after getting confused with the terminologies and the navigation links on the website.


To find out the problems user face while interacting with the electronic service of Rochester Insititute of Technology (RIT). "eservices.rit.edu"


1. User Interviews

To understand the difficulties user’s face while accessing the e-services website of RIT, I conducted 20 minutes’ observation sessions with two participants.

  • Participant 1 opened the e-services on his iPhone. It was very difficult for him to read the text as there was no mobile version. So, he had to use the desktop version. Observation clearly showed that he was not happy with the fact that he has to use desktop version on his mobile as there was no mobile version.

  • Participant 2 wanted to see the breakdown of her tuition fees but she was not able to find its location. She faced difficulty in navigating through various options. She was not able to understand the menu. She did not know much about the options that she could use while using e-services. She was also not clear with the terminologies used in the website.

Observation session with the participant
2. Task Walkthrough

I gave three major tasks to the user are as follows:

  • To check the term activity including scholarship, fees and insurance.

  • To check schedule and grade through eServices.

  • To check whether the user is eligible for any other scholarship.

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Explaining the tasks to a participant
Participant performing the task
3. Personas Comparison
4. Storyboarding
Problem Design Slide1
Problem Design Slide1

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Problem Design Slide2
Problem Design Slide2

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Problem Design Slide3
Problem Design Slide3

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Problem Design Slide1
Problem Design Slide1

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  • After interviewing and the completion of the task walk through exercise by the participant, it was observed that the user gets confused with the terminologies initially. But after getting the help of financial services or other student’s help, the user was able to understand the terminologies. It was also observed that the user does not know all the features of the eServices website. User faces some problem in navigating through the website. For example, while performing a task to check the term activity, the user first clicked on the statement history, later that he clicked on the right option i.e. Term Activity Document.

  • When I first interviewed a student, she was not cooperating and would only say that there is no problem while using the website. After asking few questions I got to know that she was a third-year student and well-versed with the website. Then I thought of interviewing a student who was a freshmen or new to the RIT.

  • It was also observed that user was not happy with the fact that there is no mobile version of the eServices website. While getting the field notes, one user got frustrated with the desktop version when he was using on his mobile phone. It has been concluded that for the initial users, the eServices website is difficult to understand as the terminologies used on the website can be much simpler. Moreover, there is a scope for improvement in the navigation and the content.

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