A prototype for hard of hearing people to get notified for sudden sounds in the surrounding

Project Overview

Project Type:  Group
Duration:        4 Months
My Roles:  

Brainstorming  ideas, Research & Design, Prototype Construction

Platform:              Mobile Application
Project for :          HCI for mobile devices
Matlab, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Google Glass

This project attempts to develop a system, which while relying on sound, would detect different events occurring in the environment. It intends to augment the awareness of deaf people with visualization techniques, providing them with enough information to be able to act and react to the events. Using a set of microphones, arranged in order, to cover a 360° surrounding area with respect to the user’s current position, the system would be able to capture significant changes in the sound composition of the environment, providing relative location and intensity information about an event. The user would have the freedom to attend to the event or not, depending on their own holistic knowledge of the current environment.

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