I'm Piyush ,
 nice to meet you.


I went to school to study computer science (yea you're right! "as-in-writing-code!?"). After completing my under-graduation, I joined NIIT Technologies as a software engineer. While I liked developing software, I just started loving the designing and interaction part of the problem so much more. And that is how User Experience Design came to the picture. 


So after working for a year and a half, I decided to dive right in and joined the Masters program at Rochester Institute of Technology in Human-Computer Interaction. I love great design and my passion is to "make it real" by blending colors and shapes with meaningful transitions in order to achieve the best user experience. 


My goal is to work with smart people to build digital products that have a meaningful, positive impact on people's everyday lives. I want to build products that are not only usable but enjoyable so that my users come back to it again and again.


"I want to make technology easier and more fun for my mother"


Interested in collaborating on a project or want to have a conversation.
Email me at piyushchauhan90@gmail.com